Monday, June 14, 2010

I am proud to be an American

We have a friend who is South African that we adore. He is married to another friend that we love!! This week he will become a US citizen! The hubs and I could not be more excited that the day is finally here! The work to get to this point is hard and it takes a lot of time. Mr. SA wants to be a firefighter here in the US and in order to do this, you have to be a citizen, a fact that I did not know before. So after, literally, years, on Thursday he will finally be one of us ;) Of course, he has always been one of us, but we are so proud that he kept with it. I am 99% sure that he knows more about this country than I do.
If it were not for work (always ruining my social life) we would be standing in the room waving our little American flags while the whole thing happens... to be totally honest, I have no idea what happens. Hopefully she gets pictures to memorialize this beautiful event, and help enlighten me in the process! Anyway, since we could not be there to share in the fun, we created a care package of some purely US paraphernalia.

Included are the following...
1. American flag made in China. Where else?
2. Breath mints wrapped in American flags. Don't want stinky breath on the big day.
3. Some sparklers and pop-its. No explanation needed.
4. S'mores kit. One of the most American deserts I can imagine. (I am also hoping we get invited over when they make them).
5. A copy of Catfish Insider magazine, because that is what real Americans read. I suggested that he get a subscription ASAP.

6. And a MGD coozie to keep the champagne of beers cold when celebrating!

Hopefully they get my little joke. And I hope they don't think it is too little of a joke! ;)

We are especially booming with national pride right now because of the World Cup. It is literally the biggest sporting event in the world. Americans don't grasp this because it is only our 5th most popular sport, but to the rest of the world, this is huge. It only happens every 4 years and it is a huge deal! We cheered on the Americans against the English on Saturday and are happy to see a tie! Most didn't think that it would even be close (predicted blow out for the English). Anyway, as you should know, the games are being held in South Africa. So, this week may be bitter sweet for our soon to be converted friend. We are pretty sure that he is rooting on his team, and we totally support that as well!

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