Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I like to save money

This blog will hopefully be informative to those of you who like to save money too. I am not a couponer. Not by any stretch of the imagination, but I use them when I can. I am getting addicted to online shopping. I remember the very first thing I bought online. I remember how amazing it was and how exciting it was to not have to run around town looking for what I needed. Now, living out in the boonies, it is essential that I shop online.

Here are some of the sites I use to save some moolah!

This is a great site. They constantly update their sale items all day long. So, either like them on facebook to see when the change the items, or just keep checking back 100's of times a day! I promise, you will start to do this. Obviously, the are selling to the mommy and daddy crowd. I purchased several things on there... a diaper bag, a maternity shirt, and a few bibs. The shipping can sometimes be expensive, but usually the deals are good enough to offset this.

I haven't yet purchased anything from here. (I know, how can you endorse something you haven't used yet). But, that is only because I haven't seen anything I cannot live without! And that is only because they seem to do a lot of sales for little girly things. They also have an incredible line up of diaper bags and maternity clothes. But being that I have 2-3 bags, and I don't need any more clothes to cover my bump, I haven't made any buys yet! Again, this is a mommy site with rolling deals all day.

Not sure what the official link to this would be, but here is the link to sign up. I signed up like a week ago and already have used it a few times. It's amazon, but even better. It is free to sign up. And from what I can tell, there are no catches. I ordered some cloth diaper items and got free 2-day shipping. That is what happens when you buy anything baby. It kind of rocks. I hate paying for shipping. The other deal they have is that you can set up an automatic shipment to your house at any scheduled interval you choose. It automatically comes to your house and you save some cash. This is great. Also, about once or twice a week they send an email with some deals of the week that are an extra discount. You can buy these and get the discount and get free shipping. I kinda love this already. I might be missing some more awesome things about this... I am still navigating my way through it, but I already highly suggest it.

The 4 above sites are great as well. I have used them all. I group them for a couple of reasons. One, if you are interested in getting into them, please let me know. I will send you an invite to join which can eventually lead to some cash for me. (they put money in your account when you bring a friend to the site and the make a purchase). All of the sites have really nice merchandise, shipping is not horrendous, and they have new items every day (even Sunday, except for gilt).
Onekingslane is home stuffs at discounts up to 70% off!! Pictures, furniture, pillows, cookware, even dog bowls. I have bought many a Christmas present from here and have yet to be disappointed.
Ruelala is clothes. They are name brand, generally higher end, and all at huge discounts. They sometimes have some house stuff and travel stuff, but for the most part, they are clothes. I have also bought many things from them. A good thing to note about them, there return policy is really nice. I had to return a jacket because the size was all wrong. The way the deals run, I could not get the larger size, but I was able to return it for free, no questions asked. Very nice.
Ideeli is also clothes, but home goods and they have a baby section. They always have a bunch of deals going on. More than the other sites. They are mostly well known designers as well. And the discounts are good. Really good.
Gilt is awesome! They have a lot of deals as well each day. They also have home stuff and an entire section for babies! There baby stuff is adorable. And the clothes are outstanding. Check them out. You can always find good deals. I promise.

This is all I can think of tonight. I will try to get back and update this list at times if I can remember any more. These are the ones that I check daily. I highly recommend them all. Who doesn't love to save money?!?!

I will leave you with a pic that has NOTHING to do with the post. Because, as I always say, posts without pics are lame. Have a great night, everyone! Think positive baby thoughts about this kid being on time!!!

This was taken at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. GORGEOUS!!!

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