Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm noticing little changes

Besides the big changes like the room we have dedicated to all things Baby and our foyer that houses the 2 strollers we have prepared, there have been subtle changes to the house... all signs that a baby is on his way!

Every Sunday we read from "What to Expect" to see what the baby is up to this week.

I put this on about a week ago... every time I shower it makes me smile! :D

And how adorable is the contrast between the 2 robes? Mine is normal human length and his is made for little midgies!!! I LOVE IT!

These sit on our counter... It's probably my husband trying to hint to me to do something with them besides stack them up on the counter. But, again, they make me smile when I see them.

A while back I told you we had one final project that we were working on. And in this post I showed you an idea we had if we were going to be having a boy. Here it is as a completed idea. I love when things turn out better than I expect them to. My husband and I kicked this project's @ss!

And here I am. With 5 days left to go before my little nugget is scheduled to make his debut, I am ginormous! Like the size of a house. But, today I feel great! Last week we had a little scare and made another trip to the hospital, but all is good. Baby is doing great! Mama is tired and it shows, but they gave me a clean bill of health 2 hours later... Pregnancy is fun! :)

And just because she has been SUPER adorable today, here is a picture of my only child. She is starting to suspect something is up, but you can tell she isn't quite certain what changes are in her future. Oh, my little princess, you and I are in for a whole new world!


  1. YAY YAY YAY!! Cannot wait to meet Baby James! And I love your Green Baby Book.

  2. So is that your white robe and Craig's blue robe? Can you post a picture of that? :)
    And you look fantastic!