Sunday, June 15, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER - I am Natalie - 10 months

Hiieee!!  It's me!  The world's happiest little girl! 

This is seriously my disposition about 99% of the time.  There are the rare moments that I get angry,  but it usually stems from hunger, seeing Mommy and not being able to touch her, or my big brother snatching my toy away.  Other than that, all smiles!  See -

Now onto what we did all month...
We had a campfire out back.  If this is any indication of what camping would be like, mommy and I can be found at the nearest Hilton thankyouverymuch.  :)  I LOVE to be outside, but braving the elements is for animals.  Although, those s'mores looked outstanding.  No one shared theirs with me, but they looked quite tasty.

Not fun news.  I have asthma.  It's official.  And it's no fun.  I do not like getting my breathing treatments at all!  I get a sudden and extreme burst of strength when fighting mommy's hands away. 

Keeping with the theme of my amazing feats of strength, I am crawling and pulling myself up on things.  It's pretty awesome to finally get my hands on all those things that have been just out of my reach for the past 9.5 months!  Mine now!!

We went to another Crew game, with MUCH better weather.  This is the kind of game I could go to all the time. 

Mother's Day was this month and we took mommy to lunch at Young's Dairy.  The food was good and the ice cream was amazing (they told me).  We played with the animals afterwards for a while which was great until a goat thought my stroller looked delicious!

Grammie Evans, Aunt Christy, and my cousin Isla came up to play one Saturday!  We had a lot of fun rolling around together and eating puffs.  By we, of course, I mean Isla and I.  James got in on some of that too.

Right as they were leaving, I gave everyone a big scare.  I like to put everything in my mount.  And I mean everything.  I have 7 teeth, things in my mouth feel good.  Anyway, I put something in there that made me choke.  I was having trouble breathing and no one could get whatever it was out, so I was not happy and they were very scared.  Mommy had to call 911, but as soon as they answered, Aunt Christy saved the day!!  She was able to get what was stuck in my throat out!  They still sent the ambulance to the house so they could take a look at me.  By that time, I was back to smiling and laughing!  They suggested that mommy and daddy take me to the hospital just to be sure everything was okay.  It was.  I was good as new!  Sometimes I like to keep this family on their toes.  Keeps things interesting!  James was happy with the new adventure and new place to explore.

Next up was a fun trip to Mason to see the Uys!  We did lots that weekend!  We got to their house late on Friday night and we all stayed up really late.  Then Saturday we went to the zoo in the morning, played at their house in the afternoon, and then went to Kings Island in the evening!  SO MUCH FUN!  We had plans to go to the pool on Sunday, but Saturday night/Sunday morning everyone woke up not feeling well.  James woke up saying his tummy hurt and Benny woke up getting sick.  That put a damper on the plans, but it was a good time while it lasted. 
At the zoo we rode on a train!  And at Kings Island, James rode on a bunch of rides!  We want to do that trip again, but maybe once we have all been given a clean bill of health by a medical professional!

When we got home, there was a parade in town!  Not for us returning, or so they say, but for Memorial Day.  The parade was cool!  Afterwards we played outside and got into the pool because it was hot outside!  It was my first time in the little pool in our backyard.  I loved it!  Cold water and everything!

It seems as if I have gone over the picture quota for the month... I will break this into 2 posts.  That's how epic this month was!  I will be back!!

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