Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GUEST BLOGGER - I am Natalie

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Natalie Claar!  Mommy and Daddy kept my name a secret from everyone until after I made my debut.  Natalie was a name that they both agreed on, and apparently there weren't many of those.  And Claar is not misspelled.  And Mommy wasn't trying to be clever and invent a new way of spelling a simple name... that's not her style.  Claar is my great-grandmother's maiden name.  It's also my maternal grandpa's middle name.  And, I just found out that one of Mommy's cousins has the same middle name too!  In short, it's a family name. 

Let's dive into the day(s) of my arrival.  I say days because I decided that I wanted to make my appearance on Saturday night, but didn't break out until early Sunday morning.  2:55am to be exact. 

Mommy, Daddy, and James spent the day running errands, going out to eat, seeing a movie, and other types of things you do when you don't think that you will be having a baby later that day.  I gave no indication that I would be there very soon.  (Mommy had a doctor's appointment on Friday and they scheduled my induction for the following Friday.  That frightened me a little and I decided I would do things on my own terms.)

Saturday evening everyone went to dinner in Urbana at an airport.  Sounds weird, I know, but the food is supposedly super good and my brother digs planes.  He likes to go outside and watch them come and go.  So after having dinner, they did just that.  (Mommy had a patty melt for dinner which would later prove to be a very bad decision during labor... the heartburn was TERRIBLE!  The nurses told her she may go down in history as the worst meal pre-labor ever!!  What an honor!)

They ended up getting home late and didn't put James to bed until around 8:30 (which is WAY past his 7:00 bedtime most nights).  Mommy kissed James goodnight and came downstairs.  She and Daddy had planned to watch a movie they had DVR'ed and hang out in Daddy's man cave.  Mommy had to go to the bathroom (big surprise from a pregnant woman!) and while there, she thought that maybe her water broke.  Instead of freaking Daddy out, she decided to wait and see if that was, in fact, what it was.  They went up to Daddy's man room to start watching "The Sitter" and play around on the computer.  After about an hour, Mommy let Daddy know that she was pretty sure her water had broke, but she was going to go and double check.  It had.  Now it was 9:45 at night. 

A call was placed to James' friend Amelia's mommy, Carolyn.  She came over to the house with Amelia to be there in case James were to wake up.  Grammie Evans was also called and she assured Mommy that she was on her way to relieve Carolyn of her babysitting duties.  As soon as Carolyn and Amelia arrived, Mommy and Daddy headed to the hospital.  Mommy cried because she knew that when they came back, life would be so much different.  She cried really hard when she went in to look at my older brother before they left.

At first Mommy was told that her water didn't break, but quickly they realized that was a mistake and it had broke.  We were moved back to a private room and Mommy got hooked up to all those weird machines.  When they checked her they told her she was 3cm dilated.  They called the doctor and she said that Mommy could have the medicine to make her not hurt so bad.  That made Mommy relax for a little while.  The nurse and Daddy rolled Mommy onto her side to help her get some sleep.  A couple of hours later, Mommy told them she was in a lot of pain and could feel every contraction in that position.  So they laid her on her back and checked her again.  The nurse told her that the reason she was in pain was because I was here and ready to enter the world!

Dr. Z came in and things got moving.  Mommy was crying because she was in a lot of pain.  She said that with James she didn't feel anything when it came time to push.  Apparently they have changed the way they did the medicine and wanted women to feel the pressure and know when they were supposed to push.  Mommy prefers it the other way.  Feeling the pressure was WAY overrated!! 

Anyway, the pushing started.  Everyone told Mommy she was doing a great job and that I would be there soon!  The nurse told Mommy she wanted me born before 3am.  That was at 2:50.  A couple more pushes later and I was there!  2:55am!  That nurse didn't realize that Mommy likes a challenge!  Give her a deadline and she will do everything she can to meet it! 

I arrived and they gave me to Mommy right away.  I was so happy to meet her.  I cried a little when I first came out, but I stopped the instant I was in Mommy's arms.  I didn't cry again until they took me to the warming table to get all my measurements taken.  From the word go, I was a pretty chill little girl, as long as Mommy was around.  I must say, we were both pretty smitten with one another.  Daddy was a big fan right away too.

Since it was the middle of the night / early morning when I made my debut, the only person who got to meet me besides my Mommy and Daddy was my grandpa Evans.  It was extra special meeting him first because we share a middle name now.  He's pretty great, and I am 100% sure he is wrapped around my finger already. 

I slept through the night even though Mommy didn't sleep a wink.  The next morning the family came pouring in to meet the newest addition to the fam.  It was great meeting everyone, but I pretty much slept the entire time.  Even when passed from one person to the next, I did not wake up.  Labor took a lot out of me.  The nurses told my parents that I was the most chill baby they had ever been around... which is saying a lot since they deliver babies every day!  (They also kept telling Mommy how beautiful I was.  They said I had perfect coloring and a great head shape.  They also loved my lips.  Apparently, everyone loved the same thing about James too!)

My most favorite visitor had to be my big brother.  He came after having breakfast with grandma and grandpa Evans.  He wanted to meet me by himself first, so Daddy got him in the lobby and brought him back to the room.  He brought Mommy some beautiful flowers.  He was really excited and a little nervous.  So was I.  I had been waiting months to meet him!  He sat on Mommy's lap and held me.  He started to rock me and sing "Rockabye Baby."  He kissed me a lot.  I liked that.  He also sang his favorite song to me, "Take Me Out To the Ballgame."  He knows all the words!  I love him already and cannot wait until we can play together!!!

Apparently, a pizza party is tradition for our family in the hospital.  Or it is now.  Everyone got to enjoy some pizza while I slept.  Luckily we are not picky about where we eat.

We all came home the next day.  Mommy and Daddy were ready.  They wanted to have me home and start our new life together as a family of four! 

Grandma Evans made lasagna for them to have when they got home.  That was a huge relief for Mommy to not have to cook!  And everyone really seemed to love it!  James even had seconds!

So that's the story of my arrival.  It was a pretty eventful labor!  But I was told that it was short and that's a good thing!  I am off to sleep now... but I will leave you with one more picture.  This left is James when he was first born and the right is me.  Mommy thinks we look so much alike.  What do you think??  (Note from Mommy - it was really hard to get a good picture of them in the same position after they were first born.  Hard to tell how much they look alike!!)

See y'all soon when I do my monthly update!!!

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