Sunday, September 8, 2013

GUEST BLOGGER - I am Natalie - 1 Month

Hey there!  I am back for my one month update.  Mommy and Daddy wanted to do the monthly pictures with the stickers like they did for James during his first year.  So off to Amazon Mommy went to find some good ones.  She picked the animals, and I dig it.  These are them, super cute.

Things are pretty exciting in this house.  I had a feeling that was the case while I was in Mommy's tummy, but being here is so much better!  I haven't been able to participate in too much activity, but it is super fun to watch from the side. 

Mommy, Daddy, and James gave me my first bath.  I didn't really like it at all.  I am told that my brother didn't either his first few.  Now I love them. 

I have taken a few naps with Daddy, which I am told my brother loved to do as well!

James has rediscovered his old toys.  These toys are now mine, but I am not sure that he is able to let them go just yet.

We went to a car show up the street from our house.  This was one of the first times we were in the new double stroller.  I slept through most of the fun, but my brother did boogie with one of the bands that was playing!

At night I get to sit with my brother while Mommy reads him a book before bed.  He snuggles with me and I love it.  The stories are really good too. 

When I was almost a week old, I got to see my first movie!  Can you believe it!?  Everyone thinks Mommy and Daddy are crazy for doing it!  But, I slept the whole time, so I didn't disturb anyone.  My brother was a different story though... he got bored part way through and kept saying that he was all done.  Apparently "Planes" was not his favorite movie.  I liked it though!  :)

Lots of friends and family have come to visit me at home too!  Aunt Becky, Morgan, Kim, and Kyle.


Snuggling in bed with my family is so fun!  One day I will be able to stay awake and enjoy it!

Daddy and James wanted to have a little camp out in the back yard.  They had fun... I was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing.  Sleep was much more interesting to me.  They made hot dogs and s'mores over the fire.  Daddy got some in his beard! 

Mom and I made the first (of many, I'm told) trips to Target. 

We have been out and about a bunch too.  I have been to the zoo, COSI, the park, all over!

I get lots and lots of smooches and hugs from my big bro!!  He's the best!  He seems to love me lots and lots!  The feeling is totally mutual!!

Whew!  That was a lot!  Like I said, life here is super exciting!  Next month should be just as fun as my first! 

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