Friday, August 3, 2012

I Like To Smile

And today, I really needed to smile.  It was just one of those days.  And on a Friday, of all days, to be one of those days.  Work, shmerk.  Am I right?? 
Here are some things that made me smile. 

This.  Oh this.  This made me smile and cry.  Of course I sent it to the hubs.  Wonder if he will cry.

Have you guys been watching the Olympics?  We are glued to it.  Today I watched the 10,000  meter womens' run.  And was seriously into it.  Yesterday I watched the women's rowing win gold.  And got teary-eyed when they interviewed one of the girls about retiring.  Yeah, I am loving it!

I am thinking about Halloween already.  Nuts, maybe.  But this is something we can all be.  Mommy lego, daddy lego and baby lego.  Cheap and easy.  My kind of costume. 

My friend Jessie is a rock star!  She is a dog whisperer.  :)  She also does everything she can to help the dogs at The Humane Society Of Greater Dayton (and does a hell of a job getting others to help out too).  Whether it's getting them adopted, or getting them a new set of wheels.  These dogs absolutely know how lucky they are to have her working there now.  There are still dogs available.  One in particular gets my heart beating a little faster.  The husband agrees.  But the LAST thing we need right now is another dog... but... but..

We are going to this tomorrow.  World's longest yard sale??!!?!  How can I not be a part of this?!?!  I am on the look-out for a few things.  After the crazy wind that came through the Midwest a month ago, we now need a new patio table.  And I would like some new lamps for our bedroom. 

I am also going to this tomorrow.  It's a shopping kind of weekend.  Lucky husband! 

OK, I am smiling now.  Hope you are too.  We are now sitting down with a cold beer and watching Hangover II (yes, this is the first time we are seeing it.  We have a kid, we are lucky to see commercials for new movies.)  So, tonight will be a good, relaxing evening.

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