Thursday, May 3, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 11 months

Who could it be???  I see a foot...

It's me, guys! 

Howdy, friends!  Can it be?  Another month down.  One month closer to being one year old!  Whew!  It has been a great month. 
First up, a super awesome trip with mommy and daddy to Cleveland to watch the Indians opening day!  Let me say, it was amazing!  We all played hooky from work and school (mommy and daddy made proper arrangements with their employer, BTW), and drove up the night before the game.  We stayed at a hotel right across the street from the stadium and they gave us a humongo room that had a bedroom, kitchenette, living room and bathroom.  We got the hook-up.  Just mention you are bringing a 10-month-old to the hotel and people tend to give you stuff without having to whine too much.  Mommy dressed me head to toe in Indians gear.

The game was COLD!  But mommy kept me warm by wearing me in the Bjorn and also with this wicked awesome sweatshirt!

Here are a few good pics from the game!

*Side note from mommy - the game was SUPER cold!  I worried the whole time if it was too cold for James, though he was probably the most comfortable of us all with like 5 layers.  We ended up buying this blanket for $40!!!  Robbery, right?!?!  Worth it though, it kept me and daddy warm too!)

Mommy & daddy got me a Slider stuffed animal, and I flipped for him!!

The balloons were so cool.  I kept saying "woo" over and over.

Mommy thinks I am smiling at her, but I am, in fact, flirting with the girl behind me.  Mom is totally oblivious! 

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Reffey's house after leaving Cleveland.  They were watching my sister Penny.  I got to play with Grandma!

The next day we went to the zoo!  They had the Easter Bunny to take pictures with everyone.  Can you believe that I got to meet him!  The man, the myth, the legend!  In my zoo!  I am one lucky fella!  And I didn't cry or get scared.  I was just as cool and calm as when I met Santa.

The next day was Easter.  The big bunny left me a pretty cool basket.  He got me a couple of books, a rubber ducky, some bunny ears, a bow tie, and a ball that appears to be a doggy toy.  Daddy put the ears on first trying to entice me to want them on my head... it was good for a laugh.

He did finally convince trick me into keeping the ears on for more than a second. 

Do my ears remind you of anyone???

We also hunted for Easter eggs.  The really unfair part was that I would find them and mommy and daddy ate all the delicious treats inside.  Those pigs!

Mommy eventually got me out of these jammies.  She got me all fancied up.  Who doesn't love a guy in a sweater vest? 

The weather in April has been great!  We were outside a bunch and that was so wonderful.  Daddy moved my high chair outside a couple of nights so we could eat on the porch!  That is really cool.  I also crawled in the grass and played with it a bunch and that was the best! 

Wanna know the best part about being outside??  Going on the amazing new swing mommy and daddy hung up for me!!  Look how amazing it is!  I kept saying wooo and then laughing my head off!!  It's pretty much the best thing ever!







Another BIG deal is that I am now standing.  I can pull myself up on my own and can hold myself up while holding on to something.  How cool is that?!

One last thing... I also got to hang out with daddy's cousin's daughter, Morgan.  She and I were instantly friends.  She held my hand.  I might love her.  I know for sure I would if she would have let me grab those curls...

OK, kids.  I am off!  Next month... I will be one freakin' year old!!! 

I'm a go hide now!  See if you can find me!!!

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