Monday, April 30, 2012

I took some pictures - #aprilphotoaday

Here's the month's round-up. 

{day 1} my reflection. 

{day 2} color.  My kid is colorfully dressed if nothing else.

{day 3} mail.  James got a lovely "Thank-You" note from a sweet baby boy who is bound to be his BFF.

{day4} someone that makes me happy.  Like ridiculously happy.

{day 5} tiny.  Baby shoes.

{day 6} lunch.  What we ate and what he ate.

{day 7} shadow.  Wrong day to go to the zoo.

{day 8} inside my wallet.  Pretty interesting stuff I know.
Not sure what happened to this picture.  It is MIA.

{day 9} younger you.  Much younger!!

{day 10} cold.

{day 11} where I ate breakfast.  My own little slice of heaven.

{day 12} stairs.

{day 13} something I found.  The hubs snuck in a game for he and "James"... right.

{day 14} how I am feeling today.  The husband is mopping and I get to hang with a snuggly baby.  I feel AMAZING today!!!

{day 15} sunset.

{day 16} flowers.  The fake ones that adorn the outside of our fav Chinese food restaurant.

{day 17} something I don't like.  Taking my baby to the doctor.

{day 18} hair.  Baby rat tail?

{day 19} orange.  Carrots all over his teeth.  Hilarious!

{day 20} something I drew.  Back in 4th grade.  It used to hang in my grandpa's office.

{day 21} bottles.  Not the kind I used to have on the counter.  My how times have changed.

{day 22} last thing I brought.  Don't judge me.

{day 23} vegetable.  Gross.

{day 24} looking down.  My feet look better with a child laying on them.

{day 26} black and white.  Prisoner.

{day 27} someplace I went.  Benny's.  So good.

{day 28} 1pm.  At work, pumping on a Saturday.  My own personal hell.

{day 29} circles.

{day 30} something that makes me sad.  My son already wearing baggy pants.  What a thug!

And coming up next month...
How many James pictures this month???  I think 11...

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