Thursday, April 26, 2012

I made dinner

Yesterday I mentioned posting about our BBQ beef for dinner.  I cannot believe I am actually getting to it the same night we ate it.  But, I am.  So proud.  This will be a quick post though as I am tired and a little crabby (just being honest). 

BBQ Beef
2-3 pound pot roast (or any other beef or pork that will shred easily)
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1.5 cups water
garlic salt
BBQ sauce

Again, I used the love of my life, the ol' crock pot for tonight's meal.  I put in the pot roast that I had received for free with the purchase of one (thanks, Kroger!)  Then  I added all the Worcestershire sauce and red wine vinegar and water.  You need to be sure that the water gets almost all the way up to cover the meat.  Then I added in the garlic salt, cinnamon and paprika.  You can eye-ball this.  And if you want to emit something, feel free.  Or add something.  I am not the recipe police.  Make this your own.  I tried cinnamon with this for the first time today.  And I was not disappointed.  I make something similar to this fairly often and wanted to spice it up a little (pun intended). 
I put this in around 7:30 and then around 4:00 this is what it looked like after I drained the liquid and shredded the beef a little.  *Note - the meat should shred easily.  If it doesn't, you may have over- or under- cooked this. 

I then added the BBQ sauce directly into the pot.  You can use whatever kind you like.  I used a combo of Sweet Baby Rays and Open Pit.  Mostly because we didn't have enough SBR to coat the meat as much as I like.  We put a few pieces of bread in the toaster, put on a slice of cheddar, and 2 Vlasic sandwich dill pickles, and topped it with a bunch of this goodness and called it dinner!

I served it with a baked potato and some pineapple.  (Towards the end of the week the sides get a little sketchy and random.  It's usually a sign that I am A. out of food.  Or B. don't care to make dinner any longer and am tired from working all week.  Or A and B.)  See, I am crabby tonight.
Hope everyone had a fabulous dinner tonight!

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