Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I made dinner

This is yet another easy peasy recipe.  As I have mentioned many times, I have a love affair with my crock pot, especially since returning to work full time.  I usually make dinner at least once a week with this sucker.  It helps out tremendously when we have something to do after work and day care.  It is there waiting when we get home, making the house smell oh so good!

Yesterday I was home with a sick baby.  (He has a skin rash and could not go to day care until it has cleared up, so I am home today too).  I had planned to do this meal on Tuesday because I had a doctor's appointment in Columbus and we were planning on going to story time at the library.  Both of those were cancelled, obviously, but since I am unabashedly a type-A personality, I couldn't not make it since it made it on the menu for Tuesday.  I am nuts.  I admit it. 

 (Do you all meal plan?  It saves a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money...  maybe I will post some tips in another post.)

First of all, don't you judge me for having Mc Donald's on Monday.  Monday was a really rough day between work, doctor's appointments, contagious rash diagnosis, and other normal Monday calamities!  Mc Donalds was a necessity.  And yes, I know it is spelled wrong, it is an inside joke between the hubs and I.  Not funny enough to explain though. 

Crock Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes
1 2-3 pound pot roast
1 bag small red potatoes
1 large onion
handful of carrots
2-3 cups stock (I used chicken, but only because I didn't have beef stock)
garlic salt
seasoning salt

I really like these red potatoes.  I used the entire bag.  They just needed to be scrubbed clean.

Then I popped them into the crock.  They created the first layer at the bottom of the pot.

Next up, cut up the onions into quarters and then layer those on top of the potatoes.

I used baby carrots that were already cut.  I rinsed them and layered them on top of the onions.

Here is the pot roast that I used.  And yes, I bought one and got another for free.  You may notice in the first photo that Thursday's menu is BBQ beef.  I will try to post that recipe as well.  And really that is a pretty good deal.  I basically got a $17.00 pot roast for free.  That's good stuff.

Drop the pot roast down over the carrots.  And kind of smoosh it down to get it below the top of the crock pot.  The pour in the stock.  Again, I used chicken because I forgot to pick up the beef stock at the store.  I think it was fine, but I would have preferred beef.  You could also use vegetable stock. 

Finally sprinkle the garlic salt and seasoning salt of your choice over the beef.  You could rub the meat and then put it in the crock pot.  But, that seems like a lot of work and gross.  So I just sprinkle it down and keep the hands-on time to a minimum.

Don't forget to sprinkle into the stock as well.

Put it on low and forget about it for 8 hours or so.  This is what you get.

It's real good!  And like I said, uber easy.  My kind of meal.  Bonus : even the baby can eat this meal because the meat, potatoes and carrots are all soft enough.  We love that!  He is getting to that stage where is he becoming aware that we have different things on our plate.  Pretty soon mommy is gonna have to start eating veggies too.  Do what I say, not as I do?  Nope, that is not the way I intend to parent.  I want to emulate the behavior I want to see in my child.  I hope that I am up to that challenge! 
Whew, that was a tangent... anyway, this may be one of those recipes that everyone knows how to do and it is a big ol' waste of everyone's time.  But, if you didn't know, this one is for you!  Happy Wednesday!

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