Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am preparing

The wee one's birthday is coming up!  Can you believe!?!?  Unbelievable!!!  It really blows my mind that I have an almost 11 month-old in my house.  I sometimes have a hard time remembering a life without him in the house.  And honestly, I don't think I want to remember.  This life cannot possibly get any better! 

Well, in preparation of my baby turning one (gasp), I have been working on putting together a great birthday party for him.  (First set of preparations here).  I don't want to go over board.  But, I do want to make it super fun.  So I have started on some decorations.  Specifically a wreath for the front door (how else will people know that we are partying inside???)  I had some inspiration for something eye-catching :

 via howdoesshe.com

via twomoreseconds.com

via loveandkate.com

These are all so fun and they looked fairly easy to make.  However, I didn't want to buy a wreath form and pins to hold the balloons in position as they suggested.  I tried to think of what I could use to come up with something similar.  What I ended up using was an old wire hanger.  I took the hanger and formed a circular shape.  And the took the hook part and bent it into a circle.  Then I meandered on over to the DG (Dollar General) and purchased about 6 bags of balloons with 20 balloons each.  I got them in red, blue, yellow, green, and 2 bags of assorted colors. 

Then I just started tying them on to the shaped hanger.  So yeah, I am wearing my jammies.  I did this at 9:00pm (so close to my bed time). 

Here is what it looks like after I emptied the yellow, blue, and green bags.  There is a ton of space between each of the balloons.  And the colors were not so exciting.  So, I kept going and emptied all the bags I bought... and bought one or two more (side note - I didn't end up using all of them, I had a few red and blues leftover that I may blow up for some decorations around the house). 

When it was all done, I asked the almost birthday boy what he thought about it.  It looks to me like he is giving the okay sign...  my child is so advanced!!

What do you all think?  Here it is on the world's ugliest front door.  I still plan to add a lil' sumpin' sumpin' to it to jazz it up.  Perhaps a ribbon or something.  Because for some reason I don't like where it ends up on the door.  It seems too high.  Give me some feedback.

I also only used boyish colors.  I kept out any purple or pink.  Ya know, because that is not very manly, and James is nothing, if not manly!  :)  Just kidding... I would have been fine with pink and purple.  I am not trying to push a gender agenda on my child, I am not that smart, and don't have that kind of energy.  The bags just didn't contain pink or purple.

It isn't as thick as the inspiration photos, but I like it.  I think it will be a great welcome sign for the blow out party we are going to be throwing to celebrate the day my baby entered this world!!!  Joking again, I just really don't have the energy.  Or funds (total cost of this project, $7.00).  Or desire to throw a huge bash.  We are gonna have a smallish shindig and watch my child shove cake in his face and ignore the presents that people may give to him.  Should be a good time had by all.

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