Sunday, April 22, 2012

I am ridiculously excited!!

Remember when I whined about having a piano in our dining room that I wanted to get rid of?  No, well you can read about it again.  It's super interesting, I know.  But I really wanted it gone.  Like a bunch.  I was getting desperate.  Look how ugly it was :

OK, maybe not ugly, but not really what you want in your dining room.  Mostly because it would collect junk.  For these pictures I had to take off a lot of papers, tools, etc.  I don't need another thing gathering dust.  I've got enough of those around this place.

So, I decided to post the flier on the board at work.  I figured I would give it a whirl.  I had tried my hand at Facebook friends and posted it on Craigslist.  (Honestly Craigslist worried me a little just from the horror stories you hear).  As soon as I put the sign up on the bulletin board last week, I had several people approach me about it.  Woo Hoo!  As luck would have it, someone was interested enough to come today to pick it up!! 

It's out of the house!!!

We are pumped!!!

This is James' excited face...

BTW, this was my idea... back the truck up to the second set of steps and pull out the ramp so that they wouldn't kill themselves getting it down the stairs and up the ramp.  Gosh, I feel so smart.  I'm not, but I felt like it. 

Look, it is officially on the truck!!  No longer ours! 

We could seriously not contain ourselves!

They look excited too!  :)  Thanks again, guys!  You rock!

And now I need to clean the dust off the floor.  Gross.

What will I do with all this new space, you ask?  Not totally sure yet, but I will keep you all posted.  We are thinking of really mixing stuff up around here.  Woah!  And my husband is on board... dare I say, he had some ideas of his own about changes we should make?!?!  This is huge!  He is usually of the mindset, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  And who says that people cannot change??? 

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