Friday, March 2, 2012

I got my rug down

That sounds way worse than it should.  But, I literally mean that.  It is down on the ground.  I am pretty smitten with this thing.  Here is the room shot (another questionably dirty phrase...) 

Everything has been cleared out.  Truth be told, it is sitting in our foyer.  We (me) are hoping that we (the husband) get it out of there tonight.  Not totally sure where it is going, but its cannot stay there.  Closing time, one last call for alcohol!  Sorry, I got distracted. 
Hope you like it.  Actually, I don't care because it's not going anywhere.  For several reasons.  One, I like it a lot.  Two, I don't think I can return it.  Three, the baby has spit up on it more than once, so I don't think they would even take it if I could return it.  But, yay, I like it.  So it's good. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Any exciting plans?  We have dinner at a friend's house tonight and I am going to a mom's mart tomorrow morning.  And hopefully completing two school projects in between those times.  Cheers!  Smooches to all! 

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