Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I took some pictures - #febphotoaday

Do you all have iphones?  Do you use Instagram?  I heart my iphone.  And Instagram was the second app that I added to it.  I noticed a few people in January participating in January Photo A Day.  I was jealous, but didn't think I could find the time.  Plus, I HATE getting into something after the fact (it's some crazy engineer-OCD-thing.  I will not even let the husband change the channel to a movie on TV if it is more than a minute into it.  Annoying, I know).  Anywho, I was stoked when the list for February came out!  Check it out...

Here is what I came up with and the clever little bits I added for entertainment.

{day 1} My View Today
{day 2} words

{day 3} hands

{day 4} strange.  That's right.

{day 5} 10am.
{day 6} dinner.  Balsamic pork tenderloin, southern black eye peas, and pears.  Yum!
{day 7} buttons

{day 8} sun.  Or lack thereof.
{day 9} front door.  Dead plants and all.
{day 10} self portrait.  Could not do it alone.
{day 11} something that makes me happy.  My guys watching English Premiere League soccer on Saturday mornings.
{day 11} another thing that makes me happy.  Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream!  Salted Caramel and dark chocolate.
{day 12} inside my closet.
{day 13} blue.
{day 14} heart.
{day 15} phone.  Sadly, this is my desk phone at work.  A multi-billion dollar corporation...

{day 16} something new.  From the hubster!
{day 17} time.
{day 18} drink.  The day's progression.
{day 19} something I hate to do.  Go to work.
{day 20} handwriting.
{day 21} fave photo of me.
{day 22} where I work.
{day 23} shoes.  Lots and lots and lots of shoes.
{day 24} inside my bathroom cabinet.
{day 25} green.  I think the wicked witch has the same ones...
{day 26} night.  Pinterest and Family Guy.  Good Night.
{day 27} something I ate.  Pickle.
{day 28} money.  Yup.
{day 29} something I am listening to.  Monotonous.

So, there you have it.  My month in pictures.  Up next, March.  It's the little things like this that get me through boring days.  It actually is something I look forward to every day.  And looking back is kind of fun too!  Remembering my month in random photos. 
I highly suggest you do this too.  And get an iphone.  And get Instagram.  And then let's get together and share our pictures.  Yay! 
And by the way (BTW)... can you believe that the babe was only in 4 pictures?!?  Well, technically it is 5 pictures.  Can you find the 5th??? 

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