Monday, February 13, 2012

I believe in a thing called love...

Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love

Ahh, the Darkness.  Good stuff.  All this to say, I have been doing some Valentine-ish stuff here.  I am full of love and stuff.
First up, a Valentines Day card from James.  He wanted to send something to his grandparents and aunts & uncle.  We happened to find some blank folded cards on sale at the Dollar General (or DG, as those of us in the know call it) for $1.00.  So we picked them up.  Nothing special, just blank.

I also had some finger paint leftover from my first (and failed) attempt at the Christmas hand and foot print ornament.

I had to have the husband help me out with this one.  Maybe 2 months ago when I made the Christmas ornament I was able to do it myself, but now this kid likes to move, shake, kick his legs, and most of all, grab his feet (which he did, even with the husband helping out).  How adorable are these little piggies?

I attempted to make hearts with his two footprints.  Can you tell?  Some turned out better than others.  But I think they are cute.  I may be biased though.

I decided that I needed the hearts clearly defined.  So I outlined them with a red Sharpie (and how amazing are Sharpies??  So amazing, right?)  I also wanted to add the "happy valentines day 2012" to be sure my parents remember the year he got this card.  (Yes, mom and dad, I expect/know that you will keep this card forever). 

On the inside, I came up with something foot-related.  It's totally cheesy, I know, but it is Valentines Day and even the store bought cards are super cheesy too.

They went out in the mail today, so hopefully I am not completely ruining the surprise!

I also got my bake on this afternoon.  Inspired by a Pinterest pin I saw a long time ago using marbles to make cupcakes into hearts, I decided to give it a try.  I found these liners and bought a bag of smallish sized marbles.

The pin showed to put one down prior to pouring in the batter.  Which I tried.

But, I thought it was a lot easier to pour in the batter and the place the marble after.  It was really starting to look like a heart.

And after they came out of the oven, this is what they looked like.  Still looking like a heart.

Actually, this is what the majority of them looked like.  They really didn't look much like hearts at all.  More like lopsided cupcakes.  Hah!

The marbles stuck to a few of them as well.  This was from the batter spilling over onto the marbles.  I didn't think I overfilled them, but turns out I may have.

I was really hoping that they all would look like this.  That was what I was envisioning.

On several, I decided to decorate using this tube of icing stuff I had leftover. 

This is what I came up with. 

I also had some sprinkles. 

This is basically what the husband is getting for a gift.  I got him some chocolates too.  The babe is getting Bambi and Lady & The Tramp on DVD.  I bought myself 2 swimsuits for the husband to give to me.  I did however, stop at buying my own card.  I thought that may be tacky.  Although, I assume that means I get no card at all.  :)  We will see! 
Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!  XOXO

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