Sunday, February 12, 2012

I found some stuff

and I had to share.  These are some things around the web and real world that I wanted to share.  Many of these made me happy.  Some made me laugh.  All were worth sharing.

I may be late to the party with this, but it is awesome.  It is a website started by Zooey Deschanel and 2 other cool ladies.  You know it is gonna be good if Zooey has a hand in it.
My favorite post is this one about Clarissa Explains It All.  Glad someone is talking about this show.  Let's not let its memory die.

These made me laugh.  I am guilty of at least a dozen of them. 

Yesterday we went out for a drive and accidentally ended up here.  Oops.  I got a scoop of Salted Caramel and a scoop of Dark Chocolate.  So good.  The husband got Gooey Butter Cake (it was so amazing, but it's limited edition, so hurry and get there!!)

HAHA!  WAM!  Maybe he can wear this while being ridiculously good-looking during a gasoline fight!  I hope you all get that reference.  If not, we should stop knowing each other.

There were some really good Super Bowl half-time commercials this year.  This one makes me smile literally every time.  I love dogs.  But can anyone tell the difference between the current bugs or the new ones?  Yeah, in case you couldn't tell, this is what the commercial is trying to sell.

And speaking of commercials, I loved the Honda commercial with Ferris Bueller.  I don't know if they played it during the actual game or not, but it was leaked online.  Anyway, it rocked.  Watch the long version.  Totally worth it. 

OK, well I am off to watch Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn, Part I with the hubs.  Don't tell anyone, but he is totally into them as well.  Shh, it's a secret.  We are like 2 minutes in and I love it already!  And, we are Team Edward all the way!!

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