Friday, December 23, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 23

Another little tradition I want to start for the holidays is a craft to show how much the babe has grown in a year.  So, I looked to Pinterest for some inspiration (shocked, I know).  I found this.


Super cute, right?  I figured I could do this same thing with my child, super easy.  It looks like it should take no time at all.  Really simple.  Wam bam, thank you, ma'am.  Not so. 
I bought the ornament for like $2 or something at Michaels.  I hunted around for some finger paint, thinking that it would be the best to put on his hands, you know, non-toxic.  So we tried that.  I was super careful about getting it on his hands.  I was actually able to get him to open his hands and put it on the ornament.  I also did a foot print - just cuz I thought it would be uber adorable.  It was.  SO cute!  Then, about 30 minutes later I noticed little flakes of paint all around it where it was drying.  I realized that the finger paint wouldn't really adhere to the plastic ornament.  Ugh.  Let's start over.
So, I found some acrylic paint. 

Don't tell me if I am definitely not supposed to use this with babies.  I don't want to know.  Cuz, I did.  About a week ago I put some green paint on his little piggies and smooshed them on the ornament with the help of his daddy.  (All the the previous finger paint was completely off with a little wipe). 

Then we let it dry.  And today (it was SUPER dry), I put his hand prints on.  The husband was at work, so I was on my own.  I could have waited, but I was on a mission to get it done.  Maybe a mistake, but live and learn.  The problem is, James does not like to unclench his hands when someone wants him to do so.  I didn't really think about that.  And so, this is the result.

Impressive, no?  No.  But, the way I see it, this is what you would expect from a 6.5 month-old.  It shouldn't be perfect.  When we do it next year, it will be so much better and we can reminisce about how much he has changed in a year.  It will be wonderful.  I am always thinking!  Or justifying, whatever you want to call it.
Anyway, I also tagged it with his name and the year.  Again, so that we will remember this year's several years from now. 

And if we add to our family, we can get the next kid to do the same thing.  Possibly with better results.  Joking, I actually love it.  It is clearly the best ornament on our tree.  Besides the adorable, handmade, little guy that the husband crafted way back in the day. 

Isn't she lovely?  Isn't she wonderful?  I am so smitten.  Mostly because it's adorned with the cutest little hand and foot prints I have ever laid eyes on!  Love, love, love!  Anyone else doing something crafty to remember the holidays with their little ones?  Gimme some ideas for next year? 
Is it seriously Christmas Eve, Eve?  Where did the year go?!?! 

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  1. I love it!!! Another great thing to do is get some plastic template (like for quilting) and trace their little hands (flatten out better when put down on a table) and then you have a hand template to do what you want with. I used mine to trace onto two pieces of felt, cut out then used a blanket stitch around it, stuffed and added a string for hanging. Looks like mittens hanging on the tree!!