Sunday, January 8, 2012

I took some pictures

I just turned in my first photos for the class I am taking this quarter.  Periodically through the course of the class we have to post images to Flickr that represent a theme.  The theme is always just one word, and this first week's word was blue.  We are encouraged to be as creative as we can.  We also need to encompass the techniques we are learning/have learned.  I took a bunch of photos, and chose 4 to post to my Flickr account, and chose one to post to the class's group page (if you are not familiar with Flickr, it is a photo sharing site that is open to anyone.  You can join groups or be asked to join them, or not join any at all.  The groups can be private, public, whatever.  The teacher sets up the group and all members in the class publish their photos to the group to be judged, discussed, graded, etc). 
Here are my interpretations of blue :

Of course there is one of the babe... we've met, right?  And his eyes are going to stay blue, I think.

This is the image that I turned in for review and grading.  It's a beautiful, glass bowl we received as a wedding present.  I love the shape and the curves.

So, did y'all have a good weekend?  We had a fabulous weekend with NOTHING planned!  Sometimes, those are my favorite... we let the spirit move us... or something like that.  Anyway, we had a few memory-making moments!  And we have a really busy week ahead of us.  James starts his "Shrimp" swimming classes (they call it shrimp, not me.  I would have come up with something much more clever) Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week and next.  Then on Tuesday we are volunteering at the food bank, and another weekend with no plans (and a 3 day holiday weekend for the hubster)!  Woo to the Hoo! 

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