Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 1

It's truly hard to believe that the month of December is here.  It seems like it should be June still.  Although, we did have our first snow fall this week (3+ gross inches).  And it's hard to believe that my baby is almost 6 months old!  When the heck did that happen?? 
This year I am going to embrace the cold weather.  It is hard though, especially with an infant.  It really is SO much harder!  Just getting in the car in the morning is tough.  Here is a little peak into our crazy start to every mommy-working-day morning :
  • After getting myself showered and dressed (getting up at 4:00 am), I get the baby up and feed, dress, and change him. 
  • Make my way downstairs around 5:10 am and hit the remote start on the car (How did I EVER live with out this?)
  • Pack my lunch, pack James' bottles, gather my breakfast items (to be eaten at my desk around 6:00 am), pack my pump supplies, and take my multi-vitamin
  • Gather all bags (4) by the front door
  • Put on my jacket and gloves
  • Put on James' hat and gloves and warm blanket
  • Load up my arms and head out to the car
  • AIS (ass in seat) by 5:26 am
  • Drive to day care, arrive at 5:29 am
  • Bring James inside, remove hat and gloves, drop off bottles, and repeatedly smooch my tiny guy
  • Leave teary-eyed (literally every time, still) and AIS 5:36
  • Drive to work, dodging the morons who don't know how to drive, snow or no snow
  • Arrive at work, AIS 5:58
  • Sigh, hard work is over.  Time to start my other job.  :)
All of that doesn't include what happens when you factor in James needing his PINK medicine, which ends up all over his shirt, resulting in an unexpected outfit change. 
So, back to my original thought, I am embracing the season, I am going to post every day from now until Christmas.  As it was when I was pregnant, the posts will range from interesting, to random, to helpful, to whatever is spewing from my mouth onto the page.  Not always Christmas-related, not always baby-related (but lets be honest, there is a good chance that my child's face will end up in a post written solely about a Christmas wreath). 
Let's start it off.  I have not put up a Christmas decoration yet, save for a wreath on the front door.  I have been working on a few non-holiday projects (more on those later) and they have been taking up a large part of the downstairs.  But they are wrapping up (slowly) and will soon (hopefully) be done.  I am starting tonight to get in the Christmas spirit by getting out the fake tree, ornaments, Santa statues, candy canes and advent calendars stored in our basement.  Here are the MANY boxes...

Wish me luck!  The goal is to have them all emptied by this weekend with their contents scattered beautifully around the house by the end of this weekend.  Monday's post will be a ton of pictures of just that... or a mea culpa about how I didn't get it all done.

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