Thursday, June 2, 2011

I will be having a baby tomorrow

After waking up to contractions this morning at 5:00am, I thought we would skip the induction thingy tomorrow. Turns out, I was wrong. The contractions have been sporadic all day, but no real progress towards labor. Bummer, I know.
Tomorrow at 6:00am we are making our way to the hospital to be induced! This means that the baby will be here on 6-3-11. Sounds to me like a great day to come into the world! What a great day to become a mom and dad! We are getting excited... but one of us is getting really nervous. I will let you guess who... with one hint - he isn't the one who actually has to deliver the baby...
We were both adorable kids, so this little baby better be just as adorable!! :) But look at how cute we are now and who can deny us having great looking babies!?!?!

And special congrats to one of my best friends for having her baby today!!!!! Little baby H is so lucky to be born to such amazing parents! I cannot wait to meet him sometime soon! It's going to be great to have an instant BFF for my little James! YAY!!! :):)

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