Friday, June 10, 2011


I am here. My long awaited, much anticipated debut has occurred. Mommy and daddy are thrilled that I decided to finally come out. They finally evicted me from mommy's belly after I stayed in an extra week. Mommy thinks that maybe this will happen again in about 18+ years when they want me out of the house. :) Secretly, I think she would be happy to have me never leave.
Anyway, mommy was induced on Friday after having some contractions all day Thursday. On Friday I woke mommy up at 3:30am. We were having some strong contractions, but they weren't totally consistent. So mommy and daddy went to the hospital at 6:00am as planned. They hooked mommy up to the magic juice to try and get me out. She and daddy did the breathing exercises and coping techniques they learned in their birthing classes. That lasted about 7 hours. Then mommy told daddy that she had enough of the pain and could not take it any longer, so they hooked her up to some more magic juice. I remember it getting really quiet for 3 hours while mommy slept. She needed it.
I wasn't sleeping though. I was working hard. The nurse came to check mommy after 3 hours and she said that mommy was ready to have the baby right then. They called the doctor to come immediately. He rushed in and was shocked that I had made my way almost all the way out on my own. Since I did most of the work already, mommy only had to push 7 times!! I think that was really selfless of me.
Once they pulled me out, they gave me immediately to mommy! I was so happy to finally meet my parents. They were smiling and looked super happy! Mommy cried a little too - don't tell her I told you that, she would be really embarrassed. (our secret, okay?) At first I was a little quiet because I was a little shy at first. But after getting comfy with them, I belted out my first cry. I was loud. I wanted them to know how much I loved them too! I wanted the whole floor to know that I had arrived and I was so happy to be here!

First family photo

All of my grandparents came to see me shortly afterwards. Mommy and daddy were so excited to show me off to them. I recognized their voices right away, and was happy to meet them too, but was SOOO tired! I slept the entire time.

But that night was so fun. We had our first family pizza party. Mommy and daddy said that there would be 100's more - which is good because I thought the pie smelled amazing, but couldn't have any yet. I missed mommy and daddy a lot during the night, so I kept crying out to them to get them to hold me, and love me, and kiss me. They obeyed. It was such a good night
Several other people came to visit and it was fun to be passed around and be introduced to everyone. Again, mommy and daddy were happy to show me off. I did my best to be totally adorable, which wasn't hard. :)

We stayed at the hospital for a few more days and then we had to go home. The nurses told my parents that I was perfect and could leave. They were nervous to be on their own, but dressed me in my new baseball outfit (I think there are 100's more of those to come as well).

Everything was packed up and we made the 2 minute drive to my new home. I got to meet my sister. She's hairy. All she wanted to do was smell me. Her nose is cold and wet, but we bonded immediately. I love her already, but I think he is just putting up with me and doesn't know what to think of me. We will be besties before too long.
Mommy and daddy have been taking lots of pictures of me and spending as much time with me as possible. Daddy sings me funny songs and mommy and I have finally gotten the whole breastfeeding thing down after many trials and tribulations. I love being at home. I sleep a lot and eat a lot. We have done some tummy time too and I have hung out outside while daddy works on the yard. They made me take a bath and that I really didn't like at all. It has been a busy week. Mommy keeps saying she hasn't gotten anything done all week except for hold me, and that is A-okay with me! I am having so much fun!!

Thanks for letting me pop in and introduce myself! I will return to post again soon! For now, I am off to cry and let mommy and daddy know to change my diaper... and eat... and then I want to take a nap. :) Kind of the story of my life.

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