Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am getting SO big!

As of today, I have 11 weeks and 1 day left before this giant child growing inside me is due to make his appearance. :) I say giant, because I feel that he has tripled in size in the past month. I went from not showing much at all to having a huge belly. There are times that I feel him pounding on my bladder and feel his foot in my ribs. This kid is going to be tall... or just evil, only time will tell which way it goes. Anyway, I am feeling pretty good. The occasional heart burn will attack, but nothing I cannot handle. The sleepless nights are tough, but I nap at work - don't tell my boss.

I have been getting harassed about posting pics of my tum. Here they are. Pay no attention to the messy house in the background... cleaning just isn't a priority for me. (Let's be honest, it never really was, but even less so lately). Also, be kind and overlook the trashy outfit and the nasty looking hair I am sporting. I just got home from work and threw this on, then remembered Tiffany was threatening my life if I didn't post something soon! :)

Now, I think that should satisfy you all for a while. I promise, I will be better about posting some more. I want this little baby to see what he did to his momma while preggo. This is a perfect place to document it all, and keep you crazies off my back! :)

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