Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I completed my first photo shoot!

Sort of. Reily and Reyse are the granddaughters of our next door neighbors. We adore them so much. They are adorable. We had some time on Sunday and ended up hanging out with them and their parents all night. I love sister pictures like the first one.

Reily loves having her picture taken... obviously! :) She is a little cutey! We did a fashion show with all of her new school clothes.

This little ball of cuteness is Reyse... I LOVE her smile. At first, she was a little apprehensive about having her picture taken. But she warmed up by the end... could you tell? :)

Grandpa put the sprinkler out and the girls could not resist!

They were so cute rolling down the hill! Their mom and grandma joined in, but the made me delete all the evidence of this event!

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