Sunday, July 25, 2010

I completed my second project

This one was much harder than the first. Our assignment was to capture 5 images of close-ups and 5 images of landscapes. I am getting much more competent with the close-ups, but landscapes are not my strong suit, yet. It is something I am working at. Here is my attempt at this...

the hubs loves baseball. I was thinking about framing this for him to hang in his man-room. But, there really isn't much wall space available.

this is an old fan I bought at an antique store. super cute.

these pinwheels were at our wedding. they were the place holders. my mom made them and they were perfect!!!

this was in the cemetery near us. it is a part of a plaque for the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Miss Penny's nose. every part of her is adorable and worth photographing!

I took about 200 pictures of the ski resort by our house and this is the image that I chose. Not sure what struck me about this, but I really liked it.

i was basically laying on the road to get this shot.

this was taken at a local public garden. it is a gorgeous place and there were tons of other photographers doing shoots!

this is also at the garden center. i wish that there wouldn't have been so many lillies in the water so you could see more of the reflection, but I love the striking color of the bridge.

again, at the same location. I love water areas like this. we almost walked right past it without seeing it.

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