Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am so LA

Just kidding. We stayed near Santa Monica Pier outside of LA. It was an interesting place. The beach was cool, the water was cold, and the people were nice there. We had some lunch at the restaraunt at the end of the pier. It was pretty good. Then we went to the Angels game, which was awesome! We were like 10 rows up and got to see some of the players really close! We love baseball a lot. The Angels were playing Texas. I. Love. Josh. Hamilton. I read his autobiography a few years ago and think he is really a good guy. Please look him up on wikipedia. He has an amazingly sad and beautiful story. I love happy endings. Anyway, we were in right field and he was in left field. Fail on my part! :) Enjoy some more pics.

The pier.

Proof that we got our little toes in the Pacific Ocean. Really cold.

The end of Route 66

Mariasol was pretty good. The beers were good. Cannot beat that!

(Mine was the one on the right)

Then we went to Anaheim. It is a really amazing park. Great place to see a game.

I love you, Josh...

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