Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am getting less creative

I am a little embarrassed to admit to what we had for dinner. We are literally getting down to the nitty gritty in our kitchen. Like I said yesterday, we have some cheese, grits, and a few other random ingredients. So, like any good child of a southern woman, I made some yummy cheese grits and black-eyed peas! So good. But, since we did our meatless meal yesterday, my other half would not be happy about the lack of meat. We also had bacon and bread. So, I made bacon and cheese sandwiches. Seriously, it is days like these I am ashamed of my culinary abilities! If I were Paula, Rachel, or Nigella I would have been able to whip up an amazing dish, garnish included. It would have been plated and beautiful. My dish was not.
My husband loved it. He had 2 sandwiches. The first I made for him with a normal amount of cheese and 3 pieces of bacon. His second, made all by himself, included 6 cheese slices and 6 strips of delicious bacon!! What a hog! :)

In preparation for tomorrow, I also made some beer bread. My sister gave us a mix a while ago and tonight seemed like the perfect night to bake it up. Our house smelled wonderful. The bread smells great and I cannot wait to give it a try for dinner tomorrow! Hopefully I can create something else just as good to go with it...

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