Monday, July 21, 2014

GUEST BLOGGER : I Am Natalie - 11 months (part 2)

Next up last month was our first family vacation!  Of course, there was lots of baseball, a zoo, and food!  These are a few of our favorite things!
In Pittsburgh we met up with daddy's best friend, his fiancé Karen, and her son, Dylan.  We stayed up WAY too late, rode the rail up to the top of a high mountain, and went to a Pirates game.  We also hung out in the hotel lobby and acted super silly!

Next up on our vacation, was a stop in Philadelphia.  We left Pittsburgh early on Sunday morning and drove straight to Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play.  We got there just in time to see the start of the game.  We had great seats, 7 rows back from the field, one section over from the visitor's dugout.  They were awesome seats!  Too bad it was SUPER hot and there was NO shade!  We ended up not spending a ton of time in our seats because of that.  However, the stadium was great and it was a lot of fun.  Daddy got to try a famous Philly cheesesteak and he said it was really delicious!  (Baseball apparently makes me sleepy...)

Also in Philly : A fun evening playing in a big park, the Please Touch Museum (a kid's museum that rocked!), a walk around the historic downtown (some famous building, a bell, some dude's grave, and a woman's house with a lot of flags), a really long half mile drive to walk around to get our picture taken in front of some sign, and a fun zoo.  :)  Catch all that?  Throw in a ton of good food on top of that!  Long and short, we had a blast in Philly and were going non stop the whole time!




Next up, a late night drive to Rhode Island!  We went to visit Aunt Kristen, Uncle Tom, and Jack (aka Pizza Steve, Ball).  There were lots of other Evans' there as well!  Grammie, Bop-Bop, Aunt Christy, Uncle Jared, Isla, Aunt Lissa, and Uncle Matt!  We did a TON of fun stuff!  A Red Sox game, the beach, family time, A Taylor Swift house drive-by, and general silliness!  We loved it and did not want it to end!  Such a fabulous couple of days! 





Welp, that's it!  This was A LOOONNG one, but so good!  We had a great month with some really amazing people!  Next month is HUGE though.  I turn one.  Can you even believe it?!  Mommy keeps mumbling something about how fast time flown by!  I tend to agree with her!  They say it flies when you are having fun!  Bye for now! 

This is usually what signals the end of our monthly photo shoot.  Neither kid into it.  At.  All. 

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