Sunday, April 1, 2012

I took some pictures - #marchphotoaday

I did it again.  Here is a summary of the month (and of course, all my witty comments!)

{day 1} - up.  My weight after eating these bad boys.  Ugh.  So fat.  But worth it.
Chocolate caramel cookies with sea salt.

{day 2} - fruit.  That's all I got.

{day 3} - my neighborhood.  Lookin' out my front door.

{day 4} - bedside.  Sicky.

{day 5} - smile.  My favorite.  And all 6 teeth showing.

{day 6} - 5pm.  The Libertarian Party was desperate for votes...

{day 7} - something I wore.  Go Dayton Flyers.

{day 8} - window.  All of the beautiful windows on our first floor.

{day 9} - red.

{day 10} - loud.  He's mad someone is going 50 mph down 22.  Grrr!

{day 11} - someone I talked to today.  Grammy and Grandpa came to play.

{day 12} forks.

{day 13} - sign.  Signs, signs, everywhere signs...

{day 14} - clouds.

{day 15} - car.  My new ride.

{day 15} - car.  Had to post another when I realized the pjs had cars.

{day 16} - sunglasses.  Future's so bright...

{day 17} - green.  Happy St. Patty's Day!

{day 18} - corner of my home.

{day 19} - funny.  He holds the phone and says "hi dad".  Or at least that is what it sounds like.

{day 20} - before and after.  He's always knocking my block towers over.  Bully.

{day 21} - delicious?  As much as a salad can be.

{day 22} - kitchen sink.  Not pretty.

{day 23} - moon.  Cuz I cannot see the real one and the husband wouldn't let me use the plumbers crack shot of him.  :)

{day 24} - an animal.  My favorite one.

{day 25} - breakfast.  Yogurt (organic, natch) with blueberries and peaches.  Not pictured : cinnamon toast.  Yum.

{day 26} - key.

{day 27} - my name.  Cuz it's all about ME!

{day 28} trash.

{day 29} - feet.  Mine.
{day 30} - toy.

{day 31} - where I relax.  Anywhere I can have this child in my arms.
So, there it is.  My month in 31 pictures.  The boy made it into many photos this month.  It's cuz he is just too darn cute! 
Tomorrow is Monday.  I am back to work full-time.  Ugh.  Not excited about that at all.  If anyone knows any place wanting to hire part-time engineers, please let me know.  Until then, 40 hours a week for me from now until the end of time.  Or, ya know, I get preggers again.  And get 3 months off again.  (A girl can dream, right?) 
And here is what's on the docket for next month :

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  1. I love these posts!! It's so fun to see each month!! :)