Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I love Christmas - Day 7

Pictures of Christmas Pasts...
 In 2007 we went to NYC to spend Christmas with this chick!

The tree at Rock Center

 Not sure why we all did this... funny at the time!

 Romantical walking in Central Park

 We also came to check out this adorable guy... cannot believe how big he is now!

Someone got a trike for Christmas... *hint* it was NOT the girl in black!

Yeah... that is TOBY... as in Toby Flenderson from The Office.  We decided to hang out in Grand Central Station and wear our black puffy jackets.  Cuz we are cool like that.

We also came to see the little guy's awesome parents!

Nice hat!

 My little sister and I cheesing it up!


The Penny-Monster

My older sister was born on Christmas - this year she was celebrating her 30th!!

My older sister and her husband's dog, Jack!

Me and my hubby

I LOVE my sisters!!!

We threw my sister a surprise 30th party!

A dog in a Snuggie??  Yes I did!!!

Had to get this on film - actually doing Dance Dance Revolution!

Cheating.  Shame on you.  Our son better not see this.

Mad dance skills!

And this is who she gets it from.

My family was in NYC for Christmas day, so Craig and I had our first alone holiday.

I set the table all fancy-like.

And made a fancy roast beef.  (can roast beef and fancy be said in the same sentence?)

Posing in front of the tree.

And then with my doggy.

Then the dog posed in front of the tree.  What a DIVA!


My sister rocks at dancing and making awesome faces while doing it!

Some, not-so-great, family pictures.  Well, everyone else looks good, I look like garbage.

My adorable parents! 
This year we will be adding a doggy, a boyfriend and a baby to the pictures.  I love the holidays! 

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