Friday, September 23, 2011

I have been holding out

I didn't mean to, it just happened. And many of you won't care about this information at all. But, I want to share, and I should have shared before now. Do I have you curious?? Probably not, but here it is... If you are breast-feeding your baby and are having milk production issues, drink Ovaltine.

Yes, that is my Field House cup... I used to drink beer out of that.  My life has really changed!

That's right, Ovaltine. Yes, the powdered kids drink stuff. Yes, the weird-commercial-making chocolaty substance. I may have mentioned before that for a small town, we have an AWESOME lactation program at our hospital. I have used them several times and Sandra, the lactation nurse, is amazing and helpful! She is who suggested using tea bags and gave me the nipple shield that I talked about here. She rocks. Periodically I get a phone call from her checking in on me and the state of my nipples - and of course, my child. Like I said, she rocks!

Anyway, I was having some milk production issues (TMI) since returning to work. She called one Thursday night after a particularly difficult day of pumping. I think she and I have some weird connection because I had just been thinking about calling her to get some suggestions. I put the vibe out in the universe and she grabbed it and called me to tell me to drink Ovaltine. And wouldn't you know it, my production has increased!! It is so nice to see something like this actually work. Why it works is beyond me. Don't ask, don't care. (side bar - yay for DADT officially being kaput!!!!)

So, drink it if you are breast-feeding. It has helped me a lot. She also said to use a warm compress while pumping. That I have not tried, but may be doing that soon, mostly to keep me warm in the cold nursing room at work. Those of you mommas that are BF right now, give this a try. Let me know how it works for you. Any other suggestions for increased production? Let the world know about it and don't hold out like I had been.

Yummo!  It tastes like Carnation Instant Breakfast!

Happy Friday, we hope you enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I think I remember oatmeal helping when I was pumping. Maybe...hmmm....I think.....Also, being cold in the nursing room isn't going to help matters. Tell them to TURN ON THE HEAT! But I'm jealous you had a nursing room. I had a bathroom at the headquarters of a men's fraternity for my pumping quarters. And right outside the bathroom (just a one room bathroom because headquarters are in an old house) was the copier. SO EVERYONE knew when I was in there pumping. Nice. :)

    Glad the O is working for you!