Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love this face - video edition

*Hopefully this works!  I have never uploaded a video on here before... fingers crossed!*
James is getting wise to the fact that mommy takes lots of pictures and he is her favorite subject!  Well, I have added the FLIP to the mix more as well.  I want to have a lot of video of him doing some of his normal daily things so that I don't forget, and so I can show him when he gets older.  Anyway, as you can tell from this video, once he realizes the camera is on him, he gets very concericus (yes, that is a real word!  :) )  I thought the hat was hysterical.  He seems to think they are funny too because I started taping right after I popped this on his head.  Around the 12 second mark is when the hilarity wears off and he sees the dreaded camera.

Speaking of heads... we are both super excited about the stats James received at his 2 month check up.  For those of you without children, the doctors like to give you the baby's measurements and then let you know how your child measures up to other little ones.  James is 75th percentile height (perfect, not too tall, but not a shorty), 60th percentile in weight (again, perfect), and 50th percentile in head circumference!  We were SUPER pumped about this last number!  Why, you ask?  Well, Craig has a super small head, and I have a large Evans' noggin.  If you know my family, you probably have noticed our huge heads.  Enormo.  I feel like this picture shows our head size difference well.  Shrunken Head Craig (I think I created a new nickname) and Large Noggin Robin.  OK, my name isn't Robin, but nothing goes with Meredith.

So, needless to say when we found out that James is on track to have the head size of an average human being, we were beyond thrilled!  To me, there are few things in which I want to encourage my child to be average.  Head size is top of that list.  Besides number of teeth, I cannot think of anything that ranks as high as head size when being average is a good thing!  :) 

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