Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am obsessing...

For the past week or so, I have found tons of things that I want to buy. Is this normal pregnancy stuff, or normal "the seasons are changing and I want new stuff" stuff? If I were to think hard enough, I am sure that I would see this is normal behavior for me around this time of year. But, I don't want to think at all. So, when the hubs sees the bank account, I will be blaming it on the baby. It kind of makes me feel bad to be using the baby already, but whatev.
So my obsessions range from shoes, to jewelry, to food, to wall art, and then back to food. Then it stays on food for a while. Mostly because I am hungry all the time. Here is what is trending on my google right now...
These shoes. I love Tom's. They rock. My sister convinced me to get the red ones. They are going to be awesome to wear when my ankles aren't the same circumference as my calves.

This ring. I want this ring. I want the hubby to get it for me as a present for having the baby. Is it rude to ask for a specific present for something I am sure that he doesn't think he is supposed to give me. And technically, he isn't. But still I want it. So you guys can drop some hints if you want to help a girl out. (Knottedrush Ring from
This magazine. My baby sister turned me on to it. I am in love. And it is a baby issue! Perf!

Umm... also this candy bar. :)

This poster. I got it for my hubby for a present. I am going to give it to him after the baby is born. See, I am getting him something. I am sure he would be so embarrassed if he didn't get me something, right? :) (12x18 print from

This quilt. My mom made it and it is so awesome! Perfect colors for the room and she did such an great job! I cannot wait to wrap the little baby up in it!!!

And of course, these faces. I always am obsessed with them!

Lastly, this. I am so hungry and want something evil!

I did warn you that these daily posts were going to be random, right? It may be getting worse, I admit. But, I am not thinking about it too much... I am trying to figure out how to convince the hubs to get me something sweet. RIGHT. NOW.

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  1. Haha...loving this you are not crazy, I am feeling the same way! I am also dropping hints to the hubby for specific presents for baby...However, Im disguising it as a Mothers Day present :)