Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am taking another class

I am taking another online photo class. This one is really great. .. the professor is really tough, but so far I am doing really well. (All A's, thank you very much). The assignments are interesting and challenging at the same time. Here are some of the pictures that I have taken.

Of course, there were ducks.

This is the pond in our backyard. Almost completely frozen over. So sad. I am over the really crappy weather. I was standing in like 6+ inches of snow and ice!

So rocks. Nothing more.

This is Penny's paw print in the snow! Not sure exactly why, but it looks blue. I even love this dog's prints. :)

This is a frisbee golf basket from the top.

A street near us. I LOVE all the trees on this street.

This is actually a large garbage can with rust all over it. I really like this picture for some reason.

This is a grate over a return vent in our house. It is actually brown and black but the way the light is hitting it, the colors are almost purple and yellow. I love that photography can do something like this without post production editing.
So, I hope that this post full of pictures makes up for my lack of postings lately. I promise that I will be getting better about it. We have just had a lot to get done around these parts. Since finding out the little nugget growing in my tummy is a boy, it has inspired me to shop. A lot. :) Soon enough we will be focusing our attention on the nursery! I will for sure be posting pictures of that little adventure!
Other fun news here... I just signed up for another online class. It is called Wedding Photography! I CANNOT wait! So, please if you know people who are getting married and need a photographer, please let me know. Or let them know about me and tell them to contact me. :)
Peace out, for now homies!

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