Monday, November 22, 2010

I am going to be a mommy!

Yes, it is true! The hubs and I are going to be parents! I can hardly believe it myself, but 2 ultrasounds later, and it is completely true! We are beyond thrilled, as you can tell by all of my exclamation points!
We recently started telling everyone and made it official by posting it on facebook (really it doesn't count until your 326 friends from high school, college, and random drunken encounters all know via wall post). I am roughly 14 weeks along, which seems like a lot until you realize that the human gestation period is roughly 40 weeks. I am not even half-way there. And at the half-way point is when they can tell you if you are having a boy or a girl. It is already agonizing not knowing. We will of course be happy with whatever I am carrying, but deep down, we both are kind of keeping our fingers crossed for a boy... now before I get attacked for that, hear me out. I have 2 sisters and Craig has 3. Our family is in some desperate need of some testosterone! And, I already have mentally planned the nursery for a boy! HAHA!
Check out some of the details...
First, wall color. I am in love with gray on the walls right now. In my next home, I will be using a lot more gray in everything - walls, rugs, throws, pillows, literally everything. This particular color is Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray. I love this color because it is bright and still cheery without being the typical baby room color. I am not totally into pastels. I think that no matter what, I will use this color. A girls' room could be fierce with gray walls. I know, it may not be for everyone, but I am a fan! :) Hopefully my other half will agree... because if he doesn't, he will just have to become a fan because I get the final say!

Here is the crib we picked out. I love dark wood and think that for a little kids' room, it will be perfect. At first I really wanted white, but changed my mind when I thought about the long term look of white. We plan to have 2-3 kids and don't plan to buy a new crib with each new addition, so white would be kid of difficult. It will show dings, dirt, and grime very easily.

The floors in the room we have designated "baby" are all wood. And they are great. I don't want to put carpet over them. So, my idea is to use a rug like the one below. I think the navy will hide stains and the thick shag will give a little cushion naturally. The only problem will be finding one that is large enough without ensuring our child has no college fund. :)

Another reason we are hoping for a boy is because we already have a boy's name picked out - James Kenneth. This is my hubby's grandpa's name who we LOVE and miss dearly. So, we thought it was perfect. If you have read even a smidgen of this blog, you probably realize that we love baseball. Sports in general, but baseball is something we both have a passion for. One other thing that I love is when people write the baby's name over the crib in a creative way. I have seen lots of different ways. Mine is my new favorite, natch. I think very little explanation is needed once you see.

Anyway, here is it so far. Hopefully, I will have a wave of inspiration for what would look cute in a girls' room. Or, maybe January 15th will come soon and they will be able to tell me that I am having a bouncing baby boy! :) I promise you all that I will start thinking of girl things also, just in case. Right now, we are still referring to the baby as it. I know, that sucks, but I haven't thought of a cute nickname for it while it is snuggling in my ever-expanding belly. (That explains my waist line, what explains my huge rear?!?!)
I promise to keep you all updated on all things baby. I still cannot believe that we will be parents in about 6 months... hard to imagine. Considering I still feel like I am playing house every day when I come home and make dinner, do laundry and pay bills. Am I really old enough to be a grown-up?

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  1. I love grey! I was toying with the idea of painting our guest room grey - but that would require new bedding, and the bedding we have is good as is. And I get the "playing house!" Sometimes I think "am I really a WIFE?!" Now you are going to be a wife and a mommy...SO EXCITING!!