Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love making progress

My husband bought a house before we were dating. Like a month before we started dating. It is a huge Victorian house. The outside has been stripped of all the gingerbread that makes it an obvious Victorian, but as soon as you walk in, you know. All of the original word work remains unpainted in the foyer, the ceilings are 10 feet tall, wood floors, and 6 inch trim throughout the entire house. I mentioned in an earlier post that we have done a ton of work to make this house a great home.
Towards the beginning of the year we started the daunting task of redoing our kitchen, bathroom, and mudroom. It was bad, really bad. Possibly the ugliest ever (well, maybe second only to our upstairs bathroom). Not sure that words alone can do the bathroom justice. Let's start with the floor and work our way up - weird wood patchwork pattern that was coming up in several places. The walls were mint colored, not totally opposite of what I put back up. There was an awful wall paper border that was gross. The vanity was falling apart. The toilet paper holder alone would make some people move. The medicine cabinet and vanity lights were sickening. There was nothing good in that room. Here, take a look :

So the bathroom is complete. We did 100% of the work ourselves - a lil' pat on the back for us. We do it because we enjoy doing the work and also because it saves a TON of money. Early on in the process we "discovered" the Habitat For Humanity Restore in town. Great charity and great place to find deals. We found out vanity, brand new, for $60. I spruced it up with some paint, and voila, it was exactly what we were hunting! We did not replace the medicine cabinet (because I have an odd aversion to them) we closed up the hole and hung a regular mirror. We created the frame after a mishap with the original cheapy that we bought. This one was made of regular trim from Lowe's. It is so much better than what we had come home with. It sucked. This is great! We removed the cabinet over the toilet and are storing it in the basement. To be used eventually for storage down there. Anyway, I am rambling. Here is the finished product :

*Ignore the reading material on the sink... that darn husband of mine! Also, the curtains are not up. My mother still hasn't finished them! Gosh, woman! You act like you have other things to do, like work.

Soon, I will post some images of the kitchen and mudroom. The kitchen is 99% and the mudroom is getting the flooring installed this weekend. Did I mention that I LOVE making progress and crossing items off my seemingly never-ending To-Do list.

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