Sunday, May 16, 2010

I hate breast cancer

On Saturday my family (husband, mom, dad, sister, sister's boyfriend, MIL and SIL) walked and ran in the Susan G. Komen 5k. It was great. Columbus has the 3rd largest group that participates, which is impressive. We saw some early numbers that said there were 56,000 people!! Amazing! I love that there were that many people who came out to fight this awful disease. The hubs and I set a goal to finish in under 30 minutes (our time last year). We did it!! According to our Garmin watch, we finished in 26 minutes and 41 seconds! Then, because everyone else we went with either walked, or ran slower, we had about an hour to kill. Love to people watch, so I was not bothered by this. I wish I had my camera to get some photos of the craziness! There was a guy who literally had only boxer breifs on (still don't understand that one). There was also a little white dog that was died pink and had pink painted toenails! So adorable! There were lots of burly men in bright pink wigs. It was a blast!
If you have the chance to walk or run for Susan G. Komen, I suggest that you do so. The cost is small to participate. But it makes such a difference. The money goes directly to finding a cure for the disease that will effect 1 in every 8 women. My mother-in-law is a 3 year survivor! My aunt is a survivor! My grandmother, unfortunately, lost her battle. There will hopefully come a day when all women who are diagnosed can be certain to have a positive prognosis. Do your monthly self-checks and get annual mammograms. Please.
To learn more about what the Susan G. Komen organization of Columbus, please visit :

Sorry this was a little serious. Promise not to bring people down too often, but breast cancer sucks.

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