Monday, March 19, 2012

I was crafty!

A while ago (like 6 months) I bought this ugly tray from Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap.  I want to say that I paid like $3.00 on clearance for it.  I shouldn't say ugly.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  My eyes see some unattractiveness, but your eyes may not.  If not, sorry, I changed it completely.  It started out like this :

See, the brown tray was not a pretty color.  And the leopard print with the colorful stripes and bright flowers, was just not for me.  Just not cute.  At all.  Again, sorry if you love it.  Major changes about to happen to it. 
First thing I did was spray paint this bad boy.  All white.  Several light coats to cover this thing completely.  It needed like 5. The ugliness was seeping through. 

I brought it inside and left it this way for many moons.  I thought I was happy with it in all white.  Like a bride.  :)  I used it in my Christmas decor.  It held many candles.  You may remember it. 

Anyway, yesterday for some reason the plain white was bugging me.  I had a stroke of genius.  It happens from time-to-time, less often than I (or those who employ me) may like.  But when it comes, I have to take advantage of it!  I had some scrapbook paper that we used for our wedding.

I decided to use the striped one, although the green houndstooth is super pretty (I need to find a use for this someday).  The stripes spoke to me.  I cut the paper down to fit inside the tray like a liner.  I used duble sided tape to hold it in place. 

Then I busted out the Modge Podge & a 2 inch paint brush :

I started to just paint the Modge Podge on top of the paper.  But, that wasn't really working.  I didn't really think about the fact that it would not penetrate the paper.  So, I pulled up the paper and painted the Modge Podge under.  This stuff is tricky.  What I did was start on one end and lay the paper down and paint the Modge Podge on top, working any air bubbles out.  I don't have any photos of this because it is not the sort of thing you can do one-handed while snapping some pictures.  Here it was all finished.

Even before I started on this, I had a final destination in mind.  This is our small half bath located right off our kitchen.  Here are several shots of it. 

In case you wanted to know, I made the "subway art" for my hubster for Christmas this year.  All the places are from our Ireland trip.  I thought it would be a nice sentimental reminder of our pre-wedding trip.  Yeah, in the Jon. 

The toilet was boring.  The candle and tissue holder needed a little somethin' somethin'.  So, the tray was bound to live here.

I am so embarrassed that I didn't realize until adding this photo that there is a 24 pack of TP sitting next to the toilet not put away!  Oh well, that's how I roll.  We keep it real!

What do you think?  Quick and simple project (my fav).  But I think it makes a strong impact in the room.  The tray needs one more item.  Not sure what that will be, but one small something would just finish it off quite nicely.  Are you guys being crafty too? 
Besides adding this new tray to the bathroom, I also cleaned out the cabinet above the toilet.  With our mobile child, I am trying to get everything in the house cleaned and decluttered.  That meant that the cabinet jam-packed full of old medicine needed to be emptied.  There was some stuff in there that had expired many, many years ago.  Not proud of that, but since we are keeping it real, I will let you know there was some allergy pills that dated back to 2005.  Gross.  Anywho, I love spring cleaning!  (It just doesn't get done near as often as it should). 


  1. How about a cute jar filled with river stones?

    I want to know how you made that sign!! I love it.

  2. That's not a bad idea! The sign was super easy, I will try and remember to do a post on it soon. I am super excited with the way it turned out.