Monday, February 6, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 8 months

Hey, hey, hey!!  It's me.  I'm back!  And I am 8 months old!  Woah!  When did that happen!?!? 
Let's jump right into this month... oh wait... I have to take care of something...

OK... I feel better now.  HEHE!  Farts are funny!
First up, swimming.  Mommy took me for the first time this month to the pool.  I loved it!  Although, you don't see me smiling in many of these photos.  We signed up for swim classes and mommy wanted me to test the water before we committed to the classes.  Unfortunately we have to do the classes over.  The boiler for the pool broke and the water was CHILLY!  So, we missed several games.  Big shout out to the YMCA for not charging us to retake the class.

I played with blocks.  Surprisingly, this was my first time.  I was a big fan of mommy setting them up and me knocking them over.  Hours of hilarious enjoyment!

This is still the best toy ever.  Tons of fun.

Mommy and I snuggled.

Daddy and I snuggled.

I got to spend some time with my grandma and grandpa Evans for my grandma's 60th birthday!  I got to meet some more relatives too!  My Aunt Carrie and Uncle Jay were a lot of fun!  Aunt Carrie and I laughed and became instant friends.  She would put her fingers on my mouth and we would make such silly noises!  (Mommy doesn't have any pictures with them... must have been on someone else's camera).

I was also able to hang out with my other grandparents!  Daddy turned 31 this month so we went to Bucyrus to celebrate! 

Mommy said that the February weather this year is not normal.  I don't know any better, but I do know that it was warm enough to go to the zoo!!!  I love the zoo!  This time we went on a Friday since mommy doesn't have to work on Fridays and met up with Aunt Christy and my buddy Louie and his mommy.  I had so much fun.  We went to an area that I had never seen before.  POLAR BEARS!  My new favorite part of the zoo by far.  And I must recommend to go during the week.  There was not a crowd and no one was pushing and getting annoyed.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves.  I like it that way!

So that's what's up.  I am getting to be such a big boy!  I had to go to the doctor's this month (so far we are batting 1000 for getting to the doctor's office all 8 months) and I am almost 19 pounds!!  WOAH!  That's pretty huge!  I think I carry all the weight in my thnder thighs! 

Peace out, see you kids next month!

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