Monday, September 12, 2011

GUEST BLOGGER : I am James - 3 months

James here!  Checking in for my monthly post...

This month has been great!  It started out with Mommy and Daddy's 2 year wedding anniversary.  We had a lot of fun!  We went out to eat at the restaraunt they went to last year before I was here.  They said the food was really  good, but I was kind of crabby, so they had to eat really quickly!  The restraunt was Doc Henderson's in Marysville... check it out.  It is in an old house turned into a great place to eat.  We all got dressed up because Mommy wanted to take a family picture, but again, I was a little crabby so we weren't able to do that.  Mommy did get a cute pic of me in my fancy outfit before dinner.

I have also done a lot of sleeping.  No surprise there.  And of course, I love sleeping on my daddy!

We have been reading a ton lately.  This is daddy reading my Dr. Seuss' "Oh Say Can You Say?"  I laugh and laugh because daddy gets really toung-tied! 

Speaking of daddy... can you guess who everyone says I look like???

I am still rocking tummy time.  In fact, I have started to roll over as well!  The first time I rolled over it was from my back to my stomach!  And mommy and daddy missed it because I did it in my sleep in my crib!  But, mommy came in when I started crying.  She was SHOCKED!  Since then I showed both my parents how I roll from my tummy to my back.  However, they cannot seem to get any of this on video, which is making mommy crazy! 

My hand is great.  I REALLY like to chew on it.  All.  The.  Time. 

Now here is the sad part.  Mommy had to go back to work this month.  :(  She was really upset about it and cried a lot.  I put on my tough face, but I was scared too.  I had never been away from my parents for longer than a couple of minutes.  Either mommy or daddy was with my since I was born.  And mommy had never been away from me for more than a couple of hours when she went to work out. 

But, I really like my day care.  Every morning mommy and I wake up, eat, play, and then she gets everything ready for the day.  We are usually the first ones to the nursery and I hang out with Miss Janet.  I have been having trouble napping while I am there because of all the excitement! But, I am slowly getting the hang of it!  There are a couple of other babies in the nursery too.  I am sure we will all be BFF really soon.  The best thing is when mommy picks me up!  I get super excited when I see her face! 
Here I am the first day of day care!

Here is a video mommy took of me.  She puts that camera in my face constantly.  It seems to make her happy though!  :)  I was sleeping and kept smiling.  Mommy wishes she knew what I was dreaming about each time I got the big smile on my face... I'll never tell!!

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