Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing... Me

I am new to the blogging world, so please bear with me while I get my sea legs. Right now I am enjoying the rare treat of being home today from work. Although, not the most enjoyable day to be home. "It's raining, it's pouring! The old man is snoring!" Anyway, I am home today because we had to have a plumber come to fix the main shut-off valve in our basement. So, here I am.

Here I am in a nutshell... I am 28 (almost 29) years-old. My husband and I got married August 8, 2009 after dating for almost 4 years. We met while working at the same company. We were both in serious relationships when we met (He, engaged. Me, with a live-in BF). Our respective relationships fizzled and we realized that we should hang out. We lived about an hour apart and did the "back and forth every weekend" thing for a while until I got a great job that required me to move in with him. So, I packed up my adorable, little cape cod nestled in my college town and moved me and my mutt an hour north to a huge victorian house in a really small town. We have seemlessly (yeah, right) adjusted to living together. The hardest thing was telling him all of his stuff was crap and it had to go. Well, hard for him anyway.
Fast-forward 3 years later and we really are living in domestic bliss. We have remodeled all but one room in the house on our own. The third floor attic was turned into a HUGE man room (for all of his aforementioned crap to be stored), every single bedroom was painted and redecorated, carpet removed, a HUGE walk-in for me revamped, bathroom gutted and redone, total kitchen makeover, and the entire outside landscaped. Now summer is nearing so we will be working on our detatched garage. Once winter returns, we will tackle the last room... the world's ugliest bathroom.

Besides our house, our collective passion is traveling. We love to see what new places have to offer by way of food, shopping, night life, etc. Since dating, we have explored Boston, Louisville, Nashville, Chatanooga, Ashville, NC, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA, Ireland (all but the Northern part), Chicago, Milwaukee, and most recently Pittsburgh. Our big summer vacay this year is California. San Fran to Big Sur to Santa Barbara to LA to San Diego. We are working towards visiting every MLB ball park. On this trip we are going to cross 4 off our list. Later in the summer, we are crossing Baltimore off the list as well! All totaled we will have visited 12 before 2010 world series. We love to travel! If anyone has any suggestions for places to visit, let me know.

Other passions of mine... photography, gardening, animals, sports, cooking, and clothes! So, this blog will be dedicated to all these things and maybe more. The name is just a general statement. It hurts me that I look dumb in hats, but it is a sad truth. I try, but fail 99% of the time. I may occassionally post pics of the attempts. For laughs and as a cautionary tale.

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